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Update on my Strategy for Crowdloans on Polkadot Parachains Auction

Hello, friends! This is James Agenda here.

My first 3 bets were respectively the first 3 winners:

šŸ„‡ Acala

As I said, Acala was my biggest bet and it won the First Auction.

I kept my strategy and contributed to it with ~50% of my DOT Crowdloan's Funds.

šŸ„ˆ Moonbeam

It was my second biggest bet, winning the second Parachain Auction.

I increased my participation in Moonbeam's Crowdloan when the team informed on discord that they would stop receiving more contributions.

The less contribution they receive, the greater the rewards for those that contributed.

I sent an e-mail about this announcement to those who subscribed for free.

As I said I would, I also participated, and it won the 3rd Parachain Auction.

So, until now, if you follow a strategy similar to mine, you are among the winners!

Other projects and next auctions:

My other 2 bets would be Phala and Bifrost, the projects that won the first auctions on Kusama.

But they didn't open for contributions on Polkadot Parachain Auctions yet.

So, below is my updated strategy for the remaining 2 Parachain Auctions in this first round of 5 Parachains auctions.

I'm covering the projects that already have more DOT contributed and have good chances to win a Parachain Slot:

efinity enjin Polkadot Parachain Auction Crowdloan


Parallel is likely to win the 4th Parachain Auction and I'll contribute to it.

You can increase your rewards on Parallel's Crowdloan using our referral code:


That being said, I must say that I'm NOT contributing a lot to it!

The first reason is that I already bet a lot on DeFi by contributing most of my Crodlowan funds to Acala's Crowdloan.

And the second reason is that I didn't like that Parallel's website doesn't accept the Crowdloan function.

This means that when you participate in their "Crowdloan", you are actually sending them your DOT.

So you need to trust them that you'll receive your DOT's back after 2 years.

I recognize that they seem trustworthy and are doing a great job leading the 4th Parachain Auction.

But I would contribute a lot more to them if I could use the Crowdloan function, as I did in all the other projects.

efinity enjin Polkadot Parachain Auction Crowdloan


Like DeFi, I also think that NTF and Games will play a huge role in the crypto space in the long term.

And metaverse is not just a temporary hype. Instead, it's an inevitable future.

That's why I'm studying Enjin's team since their ERC20 token on Ethereum.

And I really hope they won a Parachain Slot on Polkadot for Efinity.

I'm contributing a lot to them, even knowing they have smaller chances of winning now.

Manta Polkadot Parachain Auction Crowdloan


I'm contributing to Manta for the same reason as I'll contribute to Phala:

I really support privacy and I think this should be an essential feature for any crypto.

You can increase your rewards on Manta's Crowdloan using our referral code:


If you want to know more about my thinking on this subject, just listen to Gavin Wood on these two videos:

Litentry Polkadot Parachain Auction Crowdloan


I'm contributing to Litentry based on the ENS success on Ethereum.

I really think this is a useful application, and it could replicate the ENS success on the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Clover Polkadot Parachain Auction Crowdloan


I didn't deeply study this one, and I don't see a clear differential in this application compared to the other Parachains.

But I'm participating with a small amount since Clover has a real chance of winning one of the next auctions.

What about your strategy?

Just leave a comment here!

If you have any questions, I will read them and answer them!

And congratulations to you all for contributing to the first round of Parachain Auctions on Polkadot.

This is a disruptive event on crypto and a historical moment!

Consider subscribing for free to keep yourself informed on the Polkadot ecosystem!

Cheers! šŸ„‚

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