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Crowdloans: My Strategy on the Best Projects for Parachains Auctions on Polkadot

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Hello, friends!

This is James Agenda and my mission here is to make Polkadot easier for you!

Tomorrow, on November 4th, the Crowdloans contributions will start!

This means that projects may already start accepting contributions via Crowdloan, despite Auctions beginning on November 11.

In the next few days, I'll be posting a step-to-step guide on contributing to each project.

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Today, I'm sharing my Strategy for the Crowloans!


If you want to save some time, you may navigate using the underlined topics above.

CROWDLOAN vs STAKING vs SELLING at the End of the Bull run: Which is the best?

Many people are asking:

"What is better? To lock DOT on Crowloans or to keep Staking them? Or to sell DOT at the End of the Bull run and rebuy after a huge correction?"

Well, it's impossible to predict which strategy will bring better results in the future.

My personal strategy is based on my characteristics:

  • First, I understand that Polkadot has a huge potential for the next years.

  • Second, I understand that the crypto market will get a significant correction at some point, like past cycles, but I'm not a trader.

Based on this, I'll spread my DOTs, aiming to expose my investments to possible asymmetrical opportunities.

I'm keeping some DOT on Staking and will try to sell some at Bull run's peak.

But most of my DOT are going to Crowdloans.

That's because the asymmetrical opportunities are more likely to happen on the Parachains project's rewards.

Mainly because:

  • Staking Rewards won't increase significantly.

  • It's very hard to guess when the bull run will peak and when to rebuy after the correction, making 10x, 5x or even 2x gains.

  • Successful Parachains Projects may explode in market cap on next years.

How much % to invest in Crowdloans for Parachain Auctions?

I'll diversify my investment like this:

  • 60% Crowdloans

  • 20% Staking

  • 20% Trading (trying to sell at a Bullrun Peak and rebuying).

trade staking crowdloans polkadot projects parachain auction.jpg

Best Parachain Projects to invest on Crowdloans

First of all, I would like to say that we have no partnership with any Parachain project.

I studied all the Parachain Candidates long before Parachain Slot Auctions started on Kusama, last semester.

That being said, I'm very enthusiastic about some projects and teams, in which I'll invest more.

As I said in my post about my portfolio, I really care about the team behind a project when investing in it.

That's why, in this first round, I'm aiming to invest in the teams that won Kusama's Parachains Slot Auctions.

And this is how I'll spread my contributions on them:

  • 50% to ACALA

  • 25% to Moonbeam

  • 5% to Astar

  • 5% to Phala

  • 5% to Bifrost

  • 10% reversed to adjust between those and other projects during the auctions.

strategy best crowdloans polkadot projects parachain auction.jpg

For more details about each project, check the step-by-step guides that I'll release:

  • Moonbeam

  • Astar

  • Phala

  • Bifrost

Subscribe for free to keep yourself updated on the Crowdloans!

And if you have any question, just leave it here in the comments.

Cheers and good Auctions! 🥂

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