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3 highlights on Kraken Intelligence Report – Polkadot & Kusama Parachains Primer

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

highlights on Kraken Intelligence Report – Polkadot & Kusama Parachains Primer

Hello, friends! This is James Agenda here.

This is a short post.

Today I'll highlight 3 topics of Kraken Intelligence's report on Polkadot & Kusama Ecosystem:

My intent isn't to save you from reading it.

Quite the opposite, I'm bringing a tease for the read.

And also, I'm clarifying why the report will help you, despite you being a beginner or veteran on Polkadot.

You can download the full 27 pages document below:

Kraken Intelligence's Polkadot & Kusama Parachains Primer
Download PDF • 3.05MB

Kusama vs Polkadot – what are the differences?

This is more relevant for beginners, that still don't know much about Kusama.

If you still think that "Kusama is just a testnet for Polkadot", you must read it!

differences between polkadot and kusama

If you are a beginner, I recommend looking at my best places to Stake DOT and the main reasons I invest in Polkadot.

First Winners on Parachain Auctions at Kusama

Did you miss the first round of Parachain Auctions on Kusama?

Kraken covers the five winners, bringing brief details about them as main goals and token supplies.

Kraken Kusama Parachain Auction Winners Polkadot

Take a careful look at those projects: Their teams are the best bet for winners in the first Polkadot parachain auction.

Parachains Auctions And DOT / KSM Token Supply

This topic brings important information, no matter if you are a beginner or not.

Even if you knew everything about Polkadot and Kusama, there was no way to perfectly forecast what would happen on the Parachain Auctions.

How many tokens would be locked?

Well, now we know what happened to the KSM token supply after the first 5 parachains auctions on Kusama:

Now we can understand better what is likely to happen on Polkadot when the first Parachain Auctions begin.

Good study!

Consider subscribing for free to keep yourself informed on Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem!

Cheers! 🥂

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